New kid(s) in town

mini-itx fanless home server and nas storage

mini-itx fanless home server and nas storage

In the process of upgrading my home network, I’ve just picked

– a new NAS, Netgear ReadyNAS Duo, with 1.5TB+1.5TB disks in x-raid configuration (netgear’s raid1 with dynamic exapansion); this is replacing my older Maxtor Shared Storage II

– a fanless CPU/Motherboard, Intel D510MO with Intel’s next-gen Pine Trail Atom processor, as my (always-on) mini-itx linux home server; it replaced an old (unstable) VIA C7+Jetway mobo

ReadyNAS Duo storage server

ReadyNAS Duo storage server


I use the ReadyNAS Duo to provide redundant/scalable storage to CIFS/AFP and NFS clients, for local/remote backups (rsync for Unix , Time Machine for Apple clients) and media streaming as well. Videos, music and pictures can be streamed to any uPnP/DLNA client on local net (an EVA2000 internet set-top box connected to the TV,  the iPhone…  a future Squeezebox) or iTunes clients (through FireFly straming server).


mini-itx case

The Home Server

The linux based home server will do its work as usual:

– development/testbed server, rsynced to a production VPS in the cloud, for personal hobby/projects
Asterisk PBX for my voip phones
OpenVPN endpoint for remote access to the home lan
SSL tunneling for some home devices (e.g.. imap/ssl access from voip phone)
mysql server
– monitoring (I’m going to try Zenoss) and usage statistics (mrtg, webalizer)