PlaceTrack and Apple’s app review guidelines

I’m very grateful for all the words of encouragement I’ve received in recent months from people longing for this app to be in the App Store. Unfortunately, PlaceTrack is only available on Cydia for the many who choose to jailbreak.

Regarding yesterday’s release of “app review guidelines” that some of you pointed me to read, I’m posting this quick note.

I’ve never removed PlaceTrack from the App Store submission queue

Apple didn’t reject it. If they did, we all would have known why! they simply delay the review process, keeping the app “In Review” for months without telling anything. Someone coined the term “Pocket Rejection” (“1. A Presidential power where he vetos a bill by leaving it unsigned until congress is out of session” , as defined by the Urban Dictionary ) .
I emailed app review team many many times and when I was lucky enough to get an answer, I just received a “we have no information to share with you at this time” reply.

I don’t think making those rules public (rules that most developers were already aware of!) is going to help PlaceTrack in any way.

Even though the app was not officially rejected and is still “In Review”, though, on thursday I submitted an appeal request, asking again why they’re keeping PlaceTrack “In Review” forever.

I’ll let you know if I ever get a reply.