PlaceTrack v1.5 – 50% off, today only


Starting Jan 14th 00:00am CET for 24 hours you can install PlaceTrack 1.5 from the App Store at the special reduced price of $0.99 / €0.59 instead of the usual $1.99.

PlaceTrack is a full-featured background updater for Google Latitude. Learn more and download

How it compares with other clients:

✓ it works on older devices (3G) and older iOS (3.1.x) with background disabled
✓ battery usage is excellent: PlaceTrack uses SLC mode (Significant Location Change), NOT continuos background. PlaceTrack is suspended in the background most of the time and does not use cpu cycles
✓ it can save location history locally and can export kml files
✓ facebook/email/sms integration: you can post your location with a small map
✓ lots of configurable settings and options