PlaceTrack v1.7: some new features and minor bug fixes


PlaceTrack v1.7 has been submitted for App Store approval (and Cydia)

What’s New in this version:

  • new feature “Open history in…” allows third-party app integration (eg. Google Earth)
  • twitter support (iOS5 only): tweet your location along with a map link and picture
  • added “Pull Down to Refresh” intuitive way to refresh your friends location
  • uses Oauth 2.0 for Facebook authentication (improves security)
  • uses the new geocoding API if available (iOS5 only), improves reliability in resolving addresses to gps coordinates and viceversa
  • addresses a cosmetic issue with appearance of place names in location history on map
  • removed unnecessary permission requests for Facebook integration
  • other (minor) bug fixes and improvements