PlaceTrack latest iteration is 2.2


Download PlaceTrack 2.2 from the App Store

new in v2.2:

✓now you can use PlaceTrack to check in to Foursquare and Facebook!
latitude contacts‘ location are shown again (inside an embedded web view)
✓distance information on detail views and friend list
✓minor cosmetic changes
☂fixed a bug where PlaceTrack could log you off from Latitude when the app restarts in the background on passlocked devices (please re-login for this to take effect)
☂fixed a bug where PlaceTrack crashes on iOS version earlier than iOS5

new in v2.0:

✓Foursquare and Facebook support: your friends checkins are now displayed on map!
StreetView and Maps available from contact detail view
Foursquare photos available from contact detail view
✓uses the official Latitude API, authentication and authorization flow is based on OAuth2 (and 2-step verification is ok)
✓minor bug fixes and improvements

PS: Latitude friends’ locations are not natively displayed because the official Latitude API does not allow third party applications to use this functionality (and undocumented stuff no longer works)