Earthquake: world-class seismic data app for iOS

Last year I launched Terremoto, a top quality (5-star average rating on the IT App Store) iOS app that keeps you informed on the latest earthquakes in Italy, using a friendly user interface and a robust backend infrastructure for targeted push notifications and post-earthquake data collection from several international sources.

Its success was so huge that I decided to divide the app into an Italian and an International, localized version, to give room for new, unique features.

Earthquake shows worldwide earthquake data from multiple networks, supports push notifications with city, country, continent and magnitude filters and offers the same feature set as the italian version:

  • map view with different sized and colored circles to represent event magnitude and age
  • receive push notifications on your phone as soon as the event data is available from an official source (you can set alerts based on location and/or magnitude threshold). Push notifications allow the application to receive events even when unused, without this leading to an increased consumption of battery
  • event timeline (today, yesterday, previous days)
  • notification alerts and events timeline support filtering by magnitude, country or continent
  • detail view for any event, reachable from map and timeline views
  • export data to Google Earth or other installed apps supporting kml file format
  • social sharing: share event map and data to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email
  • reverse geocoding: names of locations, when unavailable, are calculated automatically from their geographical coordinates
  • no ads!
Earthquake app has been localized in many languages including English, Spanish, French, German and Greek and is available on all App Stores (italian users should download the local “Terremoto” app, though).