Earthquake – Terremoto

Earthquake collects and aggregates seismic data from multiple sources and distributes alerts and event details to mobile end users through iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Google Glass apps.

The mobile client apps available on iOS (“Earthquake” and “Terremoto”, which is a special edition crafted for Italian users) are being used by more than 600.000 people worldwide and have an average of 5/5 stars rating on most App Stores.

The platform allows for custom, per-user, filters (by magnitude or location), relies on push notifications for large scale alerts distribution and is deployed on multiple Linux VM in different continents configured for fault tolerance, load balancing and hot backup through warm data replication.

Earthquake iOS app is one of the four apps featured by Apple on the US App Store weather category. Terremoto is by far the first earthquake app for iPhone and iPad used in Italy. Earthquake iOS app have reached #1 in App Store global chart in many countries, multiple times.

An experimental feature for crowdsourced, post-earthquake, data collection is under development.