my video workflow

My workflow for HD video editing and distribution

  1. shoot using the Vado HD set to HD+ quality
  2. copy all files to a Mac Book Pro
  3. edit in Final Cut Pro, which is part of the Final Cut Studio suite. I use a sequence preset with these settings:
    – frame size: 1280 x 720
    – editing timebase: 30
    – timecode rate: same as editing timebase
    – field dominance: none
    – pixel aspect ratio: square
    – anamorphic 16:9 : off
    – compressor: HDV 720p30 , 24 bit, quality: 100 (leave the default for any advanced settings)
    – audio: 48Khz, 16bit, stereo
    – video processing: RGB Only, Motion filter quality: Normal

    Yes, source footage have to be rendered and edited in HDV not H.264 (which is a distribution format not an editing format!)
    I usually nest items in new sequences for each video in a project, group clips in different bins, edit and …

  4. export from FCP using Compressor. I created a new Compressor preset using these settings:
    – file format: QuickTime Movie
    – video settings:
    . compression type: H.264
    . frame rate: Current fps (ie.30)
    . key Frames: every 30
    . frame reordering: On
    . compressor quality: High, encoding: Best quality (Multi Pass)
    . data rate: restricted to 5Mbps, optmized for Download
    – Audio Settings:
    . format: AAC
    . channels: Stereo (L R)
    . rate: 44.100 kHz
    . quality: normal
    . target bit rate: 128kbps
    – Streaming: None
    – Frame Controls: Automatic (source is progressive, no need to deinterlace!)

    The final H.264 video will be in a .MOV (qt) container, compressed at 5Mbps

  5. submit to Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook or YouTube!

For video embedding I use a Vimeo Plus account ($60/year): it lets me hide private videos from the Vimeo website, choose the domains where it can appear as well as many other privacy and embedding settings… and I don’t need any youtube trick (that could stop working at anytime) to preserve HD quality.

Example video: my son Andrea learning to ski

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