PlaceTrack – location sharing platform

PlaceTrack is a multi-client location sharing platform supporting a rich feature-set including:

  • safe location sharing with trusted people, in real time
  • secure, redundant, backend infrastructure
  • passive and battery friendly: mobile apps run in the background with no noticeable impact on battery life using all available state-of-the-art technologies of the underlying mobile platform (geofencing, significant location change, etc)
  • push/pull mode: a contact’s device can be forced to immediately send a fresh location (otherwise locations is updated as they move)
  • rich data: real time sharing can include current location, location history, speed, altitude, current o/s and device battery level, whether you’re walking, running, moving in a vehicle or resting
  • delayed sync: stores your locations when network is unreachable and pushes them to the PlaceTrack servers when you’re back online
  • user authentication using phone number verification through SMS code
  • developer API planned to be released to the public in early 2015